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Image by Camille Brodard

Good Vibes Massage Disclaimer

We are professionals, and any type of work performed by anyone at Goodvibes wellness is on a professional level. At no time is any sexual contact tolerated in or out of the office. The therapist has the right to end the session without a refund at anytime due to any type of sexual advances or innuendos from the client. The client has the same right to end the session in the instance of sexual advances or innuendos from the therapist. At Good vibes wellness, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual preference or gender. Alcohol and drugs prevent any type of toxin release that is promoted by massage. Any client that is under the influence of alcohol or any chemical substance at the time of the massage will not be tolerated. The session will end without a refund. Any information shared between the client and the therapist is strictly confidential. No information is ever released without the client’s permission and authorization.

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